Saving the planet is going to take creativity. Although I love the standard methods of planet saving that many of us exercise in our daily lives such as recycling, planting a tree or biking to work; I am very much drawn to the ideas that seem far fetched or even ridiculous. I recently listened to the “How I built this” podcast hosted by Guy Raz in which he interviewed Patrick Brown, chief executive and founder of Impossible Foods, maker of the Impossible burger. Patrick is/was a biochemist, who became alarmed at the destructive impact of meat production on the environment, so he set out to make a burger so juicy and flavorful that even meat-lovers would crave it. Did you know that Livestock emissions make up anywhere between 14.5 and 18 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions. Comparably, the transportation sector is responsible for around 14 percent of emissions.

It blows my mind that the synapses in Patrick’s head came together to form the idea that a really good veggie burger can actually help the planet.

Similarly so is the story of the Swiss biotech company that is trying to reduce the amount that cows BURP and FART! They are  studying whether an altered diet can make cattle burp and fart less methane — one of the most harmful greenhouse gases and a major contributor to climate change. If they were a country, cows would rank as the world’s sixth-largest emitter, ahead of Brazil, Japan and Germany, according to data compiled by Rhodium Group, a research firm.

Holy shit.

It seems that it is very difficult to change the ingrained habits of people across the globe so these entrepreneurs are providing products that allow consumers to do what they’ve always done yet the impacts on the environment are very different.

We at the Lumbery are trying to do something similar. All YOU need to do is buy the wood. And WE will make sure that it is environmentally sustainable and socially responsible.

Farts and Burps always make me smile.