America’s First Micro Lumber Yard

And Hardware Store

Promoting Sustainability, Supporting Local Communities

What do we sell:

  • Lumber (Framing, decking, siding, trim boards, shiplap, & more)
  • *Eastern White Cedar *Eastern White Pine *Hemlock *Fir *Spruce *Tamarack
  • Reclaimed wood
  • Live edge
  • Drywall
  • Hardware
  • Power tools
  • Hand tools
  • Garden supplies
  • Gifts

How are we different:

  • Great customer service-We cut wood to size and help you out to your vehicle
  • Knowledgeable staff-There is always an experienced carpenter/builder on site
  • Quality-We consider ourselves to be purveyors of straight boards and essential, quality hardware items. 

Why is local important:

  • Local Maine mills and loggers are not represented at any retail locations besides ours
  • Buying local helps support communities and keeps the profits within the State.
  • Buying local Maine trees reduces emissions from unnecessary transportation. Plus we live in the Pine Tree State.

Did you know that…

  • To grow a pound of wood, a tree uses 1.47 pounds of carbon dioxide and gives off 1.07 pounds of oxygen. An acre of trees might grow 4,000 pounds of wood in a year, using 5,880 pounds of carbon dioxide and giving off 4,280 pounds of oxygen in the process.
  • Each American uses the equivalent of one, 100-foot tree a year.
  • 8.3 million acres in Maine are certified as sustainably managed by independent auditors of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and American Tree Farm System (ATFS). That’s about 50 percent of Maine’s working forest.
  • Most of the cedar sold in Maine lumber stores is Western Red cedar from the northwest.
  • The Lumbery only sells Eastern White Cedar grown in Maine.
  • About 90 percent of Maine is forested, the highest percentage of any state.
  • The Maine State flower is a pine cone, which is not even a flower.
  • It is extremely difficult to find wood from Maine at Maine lumber retailers-We aim to change that.

What Customers Are Saying...

“You just saved me a trip to Home Depot. Thank you thank
you thank you.”

“How didn’t I know this place existed? Are you a chain?

 “I would have been happy for anyone to move into this
abandoned building but when I found out it was you guys I
was over the moon.”

 “This place feels like a gastro-pub for wood”

“I love your mission”

“I can’t believe this. Your 2×4’s are straight.”

“Do you have any more beer caddies?”

“Your store is beautiful”

The Word is Out!  Check out the press for the Lumbery!

Maine Wood is Good Wood!

“If you love New England forests, if you want to take long Sunday drives during foliage season, go hunting in the woods, swim in clear streams, view wildlife, and enjoy marvelous hikes in the summer – if you care about having clean air and drinking water – support them by buying local. Wood, that is.”

Nicole St Claire Knobloch, Project leader Build It With Wood Initiative, New England Forestry Foundation

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