America’s first boutique lumber yard

And Building Supply Store

Promoting Sustainability, Supporting Local Communities

As Henry Ford stated, “​If you wait for the customer to tell you what to do, you’re too late. My customers didn’t want a model T, they wanted a faster horse.”

Our customers did not tell us that they wanted to preserve the forests, save the planet and feel empowered…

They wanted their siding repaired and their decks built.

Lumbery is designed by people in the building trades to provide essential ​quality building products​, meaningful customer service, with an environmentally conscience driven mission statement while supporting local forests, local communities and building community right here at home in Cape Elizabeth​.

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When we share tools we get more use out of existing tools. We save money, we save space, we share knowledge, we build a community, and we protect the environment. Good for the planet, good for you!

“If you love New England forests, if you want to take long Sunday drives during foliage season, go hunting in the woods, swim in clear streams, view wildlife, and enjoy marvelous hikes in the summer – if you care about having clean air and drinking water – support them by buying local. Wood, that is.”

Nicole St Claire Knobloch, Project leader Build It With Wood Initiative, New England Forestry Foundation

Maine Wood is Good Wood!