Reclaimed Has Arrived

There is something special about lines, wrinkles and blemishes. Now available at the Lumbery, reclaimed lumber! Perfect for shelving, bookcases, frames, counters, tables, more and more. And no, the old guy is not for sale. He’s just smiling because he picked up some beautiful boards. Come see for yourself the beauty of reclaimed wood and […]

Carbon Capture Technology

I read the news a lot. Too much actually. And I follow stocks a lot. Again too much. Recently I have been intrigued by carbon capture technology. It sounds amazing. Too much carbon in the atmosphere? Well let’s just remove it. But it’s a double edged sword. You see…the biggest investors in carbon capture are […]

Thinking Differently

Saving the planet is going to take creativity. Although I love the standard methods of planet saving that many of us exercise in our daily lives such as recycling, planting a tree or biking to work; I am very much drawn to the ideas that seem far fetched or even ridiculous. I recently listened to […]