Yesterday I fell through the ice at Great Pond.

For all of you that do not know Great Pond, it is, when the conditions are right, the most magical place on the planet, especially if you like ice skating.

I was on the ice with my wife and friend Lisa. We had reached the other side of the pond when we started to hear the ice crack with the shifting of our weight. Lisa headed away from the edge. I turned back to locate my wife and when I turned back to find Lisa she was in the pond with only her head showing.

I raced over to Lisa (probably not the smartest thing to do) while my wife went to get help. As I got closer the ice gave way and I was in the pond as well. I managed to get myself back to semi-solid ice (after a number of failed attempts) and lifted myself up. Lisa worked her way over to me with the ice giving way as she went. I reached out my hand, grabbed her, then slowly pulled her onto the ice. We lay flat and wormed our way over to more solid ice then slowly made our way back to shore, soaking wet.

Then the entire, wonderful Cape Elizabeth rescue crew arrived. Police, fire, seal team, atv, paramedics. They wrapped me in a foil blanket, wrapped Lisa in another blanket and escorted us to their warm ambulance where they made sure we were ok.

Here is my bit of advice for today. Don’t ice skate with your phone in your pocket.

Michael Friedland

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