“We are tree-herds, we old Ents. Few enough of us are left now. Sheep get like shepherds, and shepherds like sheep, it is said, but slowly, and neither have long in the world. It is quicker and closer with trees and Ents, and they walk down the ages together. For Ents are more like Elves; less interested in themselves than Men are, and better at getting inside other things. And yet again Ents are more like Men, more changeable than Elves are, and quicker at taking the colour of the outside, you might say. Or better than both: for they are steadier and keep their minds on things longer.”


Mike FriedlandMichael Friedland, Owner, CEO

Mike grew up in Brooklyn, NY in an apartment building. At age 21 on a cross country road trip, Mike, for the first time, saw an actual fruit on a tree. When he purchased his own little piece of America he was lucky to discover a pear tree in the yard. That first year he caught every single pear and made pear upside down cake 5 times. For 25 years he has worked in the building trades. Now he has aspirations of becoming the sustainably conscious Levi Strauss of the trades. “Here’s your locally sourced, sustainably harvested lumber, now go forth and trap some carbon in semi-permanent structures!!” His secret passion is roundabouts.

Jennifer StoraJennifer Friedland-Stora, Owner, Operations Manager

Jennifer is our behind the scenes guru, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She has worked on Wall Street, helped develop and manage a chain of health clubs in the NY/NJ area, earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy specializing in pediatrics.

In 2014 she found her way to coastal Maine by way of her brother Mike Friedland, owner and operator of Willard Square Home Repair (WSHR.). He presented her with the opportunity to help manage WSHR from her home office in NY. In a few short years she managed to turn a crew of handymen and women into seasoned “technicians” and the business was flourishing.

After several years of managing WSHR Mike asked her to join in on the development and operations of a complimentary business in Cape Elizabeth called “Lumbery”. Jennifer knew instantly that providing quality building products and customer service, operating with an environmentally conscience driven mission, all while supporting local forests and local communities would be a welcomed addition to this tight knit, shop local community.

In her spare time you will find Jennifer shuttling her daughter to and from lacrosse, volleyball and ninja classes. She loves baking with her family, taking an early morning class at SolidCore, or just soaking in the sunshine and salty Atlantic Ocean air while walking along one of the many local beaches NY has to offer.

Ryan Holland, Owner

Hailing from the Whites of New Hampshire, Ryan was drawn to the coastal life through his love of surfing and his wife, a true Mainer. Through his experiences in the trades, he quickly became an integral crew member of Willard Square Home Repair, and forged a friendship with Mike Friedland which led to this exciting new business venture.

Ryan has always been drawn to the outdoors – whether it’s hiking the 4,000 footers, camping in the Pemigewasset wilderness, snowboarding backcountry terrain, boating out in Casco Bay, or more recently, forging trails with his kids in their own backyard, his love of nature is limitless.

Like reaching the peak of a mountaintop, the Lumbery offers Ryan a new perspective and outlook on the many uses of wood – whether it’s learning about the process of wood harvesting, milling techniques, or the virtues of sustainability he’s committed to continuing to hone his expertise. Dedicated to “keeping it local”, Ryan is excited to become a part of the Cape Elizabeth community through the Lumbery’s many offerings to its customers.

Work Opportunities

If you are interested in joining our team please send us an email at mainewood@lumbery-me.com.

Maine Wood is Good Wood!