November 6, 2020
Dear Diary,
Today my right eye started twitching from stress. This has never happened before. I was heading home from Parker Lumber in Bradford, Maine-about 3 hours north of Portland. The load of lumber that I had on the truck was too much for the truck to handle(I couldn’t have known this since I’ve never ordered lumber for pick-up before and I have never driven the newly purchased used Mitsubishi Fuso before). It was also not balanced properly. And as soon as I hit the highway the CHECk ENGINE light started flashing. I couldn’t get above 50 on the uphills and everytime I turned left I was scared I would tip over,  not to mention my right eye wasn’t functioning properly. I pulled over at a stop somewhere and sat down and just started shaking. I eventually got home after dark, safely. Add hauling lumber to the long list of things that I don’t know that I now kind of know. Next up-how the heck do you work a forklift???
Looking forward to seeing you VERY SOON!

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