Channel 6 News Story

They say don’t let a little fame go to your head. Well it’s too late. Our agent, as we speak, is trying to sell our manuscript titled “Captain Plant-it” to some major players.

I mean you cannot spell Hollywood without WOOD!. We are destined for glamour.

I presume my role would be played by Michael B. Jordan(the actor) and Ryan’s role would be played by William Shatner.

But seriously-We are supremely flattered and honored that channel 6 news wanted to do a story about our store. Local sourcing is a growing movement and it’s about time the lumber industry was represented.

Check out the story here or click on the pic above and be sure to pass it along. As I stated in the interview, if we do well, then the Town of Cape does well, the State of Maine does well and the planet does well.

Here is a teaser of the upcoming HBO mini-series pilot titled “Captain Plant-it!”

Ryan-We can do this Mike. Did you bring (long pause for effect) the chainsaw?
Mike-Yes, but this is a public park. Why would we cut down the tree’s in the park? It’s a bad idea.
Ryan-I’m the leader of this here gang and I’ll tell you what is a good idea and what is a bad idea.
Mike-But cutting down trees won’t save the trees.
Ryan-Sometimes you have to sacrifice what you love to bring attention to your cause. Good store owners rarely make history.
Mike-OK. Here I go. (Mike starts up the chainsaw and begins to cut down a tree. But then out of the sky flies Captain Plant-it).
Ryan-Oh no. It’s Captain Plant-it. What’s that troublesome do-gooder doing here? He’ll ruin everything.

End of  teaser.


Michael Friedland and the Lumbery Gang

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