Local Sourcing-Lumbery Style!!

Fact- We love stories.

Did you know that the cordless chainsaw at Butler’s Cedar Shakes doubles as a moose slicer?

Did you read about the fire at Yoder’s sawmill in Corinna last week? Probably not. Why would you? In fact I didn’t learn about it till I spoke with Jim yesterday.

Connections are created with objects and people when we learn more about them.

When I came up with the concept of the Lumbery I presumed I was going to help preserve forests and protect the environment. I didn’t realize I was going to meet people.

Now that’s a good story…in fact so much so that people are writing about it.

Recently we were written up in the Local Wood Works newsletter, HBS Dealer-A hardware and building supply newsletter and picked up by the Forest Business Network.

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Michael Friedland, Owner

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