In our first year in business we have been recognized as a Stihl All Star. Only one hardware/building supply store from every state is awarded this honor.

This award “represents community-oriented, customer-focused, high-performance retailing at its finest.”

From our inception we knew we wanted to be different. We wanted to be unintimidating. We wanted to empower professionals and non-professionals alike to achieve their goals both big and small.
We wanted to be involved in the community, offer knowledgeable, practical advise and provide unique services including cutting wood to size, a tool lending library and helping you out to your car.

We have also based our business model upon a social and environmental platform. We fully realize the significant impact that global warming is having upon our lives and we are making a difference by reducing the carbon emissions associated with the unnecessary transport of goods from out of State. We are also intent upon knowing where the money goes. For us, seeing the money go directly to the individuals that are actually doing the work just makes sense.

For these reasons and more we are so very thrilled and honored to be recognized nationally and although we do not need encouragement to pursue our goals it still feels very good to be named All Stars for simply doing what we do and what we will continue to do.

And of course we also carry competitively priced, high quality lumber and hardware…and pretty cool chotchkies.