It’s ironic. We spend months and months of research and interviews to determine if there is actually a need for locally sourced lumber in Maine. Then we spend months coming up with a proper business model…but as it turns out there is actually a greater need to have a proper transport container for your suds. Go figure.
We cannot keep these caddies on the shelf. Yesterday I actually had to meet our dealer in a Denny’s parking lot in Auburn (It felt shady and hysterical at the same time). He and his crew from Dryden, ME had to clock extra hours just to fill our order.
So come get ’em while they last or give us a call to reserve yours today.
And don’t forget. We have quality wooden puzzles and games from Kubiya for sale. Their stuff is so cool and unique. Great way to engage the brain without a screen drain.


Michael Friedland, Owner