Food trucks/Community/Lumber store

We fully embody the premise of supporting local communities. This is why we purchase our wood almost exclusively from small mills. And we also fully believe in supporting our own local community right here in Cape Elizabeth. To that end we have partnered with the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust, sponsor Cape baseball and lacrosse, provide a highly visible, safe space to sell Girl Scout cookies or wreaths for the hockey team. We offer our advice to [...]

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Pooh was right!

You can't stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come to you. We have to go to them sometimes. -Winnie the Pooh I must admit that I live a bloody good life. My job is to visit mills, meet really cool, talented, resourceful, hard working people and buy the dopest, highest quality wood I have ever seen at any lumber store ever! And the stories...they are just too good.  Duane Dewey needs to actually [...]

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