Essential Building Supplies

75% of our wood comes from Maine trees processed in Maine Mills by Mainers


Due to the recent market fluctuations and daily price changes we can no longer display pricing information.


The items on our Product List below are items regularly in stock. Standard lengths are 8’, 10’, 12’, 16’.  We have access to other frequently used items, so if what you are looking for is not listed please check with us for availability.


A full list of Plywood and Huber products is available upon request.


Supply chains are currently strained so please be sure to order far in advance.  

Please EMAIL US your materials list today for real time pricing and quotes.  

**At this time we cannot guarantee all items listed will be in stock.** 

Printable PDF Product List

“If you love New England forests, if you want to take long Sunday drives during foliage season, go hunting in the woods, swim in clear streams, view wildlife, and enjoy marvelous hikes in the summer – if you care about having clean air and drinking water – support them by buying local. Wood, that is.”

Nicole St Claire Knobloch, Project leader Build It With Wood Initiative, New England Forestry Foundation


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