I have been referred to, by friends and others, as a wood nerd. Most likely because I own a wood store and most my conversations relate to wood but I believe upon closer examination you would agree with me that I am more of a story nerd.

Read the passage below and answer questions 22-25

Anna and Don walked into the Lumbery and were greeted by a fine fellow who introduced himself as Mike.
Good day excellent customers, said Mike. What can I help you with today?
Anna replied, We are looking for some wood with which to build shelving in our kitchen. Do you have any recommendations?
Most definitely, said Mike. We have this beautiful sinker birdseye maple that was pulled up from the Molunkus stream in the 70’s by a guy with a snorkel and air tube. Then it was milled by this super cool dude in Houlton, Maine. You should see his operation. His barn is like an art gallery of wood. He is the only worker and personally mills every piece of wood.
Will this wood bend or warp over time? Asked Don.
Hmmm. Highly doubtful, replied Mike. But when you cut into it you can still smell the water and silt.
What stain or finish can we apply to this wood? asked Anna.
Hmmm. I’ll have to get back to you on that but when you spray the wood with some water you can really see the birdseye pattern pop out. Did I mention that this mill used to be a potato barrel factory? And buying wood in Maine reduces carbon emissions from unnecessary transport.
We’ll take it!!! Exclaim Anna and Don.

22-When Mike says “You should see his operation” on line 5 what is he referring to?
A) The removal of the log from the river
B) The mill in Houlton
C) The Lumbery

23-When Mike says “Good day” in line 2 what does he mean?
A)A polite way of saying good-bye
B)Advising Anna and Don on how their day should be
C)Being friendly and polite

24-The use of the words “cool dude” to refer to a mill owner could be replaced by which option below?
A)Hard working craftsman
B)Symbol of the under represented small mill owner in Maine
C)Knowledgeable wood guru
D)All the above

25-Based on the above passage which would you consider Mike to be
A) A wood nerd
B) A story nerd
C) An awful salesman

Good day everyone!!!!

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