Scandal! Long Island Lobster sold in Maine Fish Market.

Would a fish market in Maine sell lobster from away?

If you live in Maine why would you buy a lobster from Long Island?

There’s plenty of lobstermen in Maine and there are plenty of lobsters.

The answer is, you wouldn’t.

So why would you buy a pine board from Georgia?

There’s plenty of loggers in Maine, there’s plenty of mills, and there certainly is plenty of pine.

The answer is, you aren’t presented with an option. All of the wood at the box store and lumberyards get bundled together. You might get a pine board from Maine but who really knows?

We, at the Lumbery, do. We know where your pine came from, who chopped down the tree, who milled it, and how far it travelled. Plus our prices are the same as other lumberyards.

Our goal is to alter expectations. When a Mainer goes to buy wood the assumption should be that the wood is from Maine. If it is not then we can say fuhgeddaboudit!!!


Michael Friedland and the entire Lumbery Crew

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