Maine Cedar Outdoor Showers

Simply Designed. Beautiful. Long Lasting.

 Door placement options are available for the Enclosed Pool Shower. Please specify location and hinge side in your order inquiry. Custom quotes for specialized showers are available upon request. Be sure to include dimensions and any other relevant details.

 Send all inquiries to


All Lumbery outdoor showers are made with 100% natural, sustainably harvested, Maine white cedar. White cedar is famous for being beautiful, long lasting and rot resistant.

Each shower comes equipped with a Gotonovo Shower Fixture which features a rainfall showerhead and a hand sprayer. Hot and cold inlets are 1/2 inch pipe thread. Adapters for garden hoses are available upon request.


It is not necessary to apply a finish to your shower but you can. Left untreated the cedar, over time, will turn a silvery grey.  Applying an oil to your shower every once in a while will help extend the life of your shower. We recommend tung oil. Applying a finish with UV blockers will help preserve the natural color of the cedar longer.

Before the temperature gets below freezing it is recommended to shut off the water supply valves, unhook the water inlets and drain your shower. It is also recommended to detach the shower head and the sprayer and store them inside a heated space. Plumbing hook-up to water is not included. 


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