Our Story

The simple choice of where you buy a 2x4 has an impact–on the forested landscape, on rural economies, on your health.

“Why would Maine, the most forested state in the nation, import wood instead of looking to its own abundant Northern forest?”

Originally, we opened Lumbery simply to avoid the hour-long drive in any direction from Cape Elizabeth to pick up lumber and basic tools. But Mike, one of our owners, had an “aha” moment standing in the lumber aisle at Home Depot.

He began visiting local sawmills around the state and discovered that small, family-owned and operated mills could provide consistently high-quality lumber at a competitive price–all from wood that was sourced within a 40-mile radius of the mill.

Buying from honest, hard-working Maine families instead of importing wood from out of state not only makes sense, but also keeps dollars in the pockets of local families instead of big box shareholders. Plus, less distance traveled by truck means reduced carbon emissions, which is better for the environment.

From there, we expanded our local inventory to include native plants, shrubs and pollinators. Not only do these plants thrive in their native habitat and beautify landscapes, they support the entire ecosystem of birds, bees, and animals that depend on them.

Convenient, high-quality products at a competitive price, with dollars staying in the local economy, and reduced carbon emissions to boot?


Our Commitment to You

Our friendly, experienced staff is passionate about building with wood and empowering others to do the same.

From a bookcase or a treehouse, to home renovation and small construction projects, Lumbery provides the materials and the knowledge to help you bring your vision to reality–and we do it with a welcoming smile.

Thank you for choosing local!

Mike, Jennifer and Ryan

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“If you love New England forests, if you want to take long Sunday drives during foliage season, go hunting in the woods, swim in clear streams, view wildlife, and enjoy marvelous hikes in the summer – if you care about having clean air and drinking water – support them by buying local. Wood, that is.”
Nicole St Claire Knobloch, Project leader Build It With Wood Initiative, New England Forestry Foundation

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