As Yvonne Chouinard said, “Don’t build a new building unless it’s absolutely necessary. The most responsible thing to do is to buy used buildings, construction materials and furniture.”

So we took his advice. Thank you Yvonne!

What we did(currently are doing) was take this really cool, dated building, that once housed the Sun Oil Company and afterwards housed Cumberland Farms, then re-purposed it into what we consider to be a beacon of a new wave of environmental capitalism. Essentially showing that we can provide a needed product and service while helping to save the planet.

At all phases we are trying to use local resources and local contractors while trying to create a space that is both energy efficient and practical.

And the building and land are so cool. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to follow the transformation.

And ultimately we hope that this piece of land that is so central to the Town of Cape Elizabeth can enhance the everyday lives of the people living within the community.

Maine Wood is Good Wood!