Lumbery takes on inflation!

Prices are still rising at an alarming rate. The cost for basic items is no longer basic. Therefore interest rates keep rising which in turn discourages borrowing. The goal is to slow down demand until supply can properly catch up. This whole cycle worries us. Thus we are hoping to do our part to lower expenses by providing big discounts on items that are not necessarily in high demand and hopefully provide a respite for the high demand items. This is a [...]

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Jeff Olsen

It's easy to forget or maybe hard to remember why we do things sometimes, especially when life gets in the way. Which is why I was so excited to visit Jeff Olsen's mill with my sister and business partner Jenn - And be reminded why we run this crazy little venture call Lumbery. On the way home Jenn asked (this was her first mill visit) "How would you describe the mill?"  I thought for a very long [...]

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Lawsuit, Outdoor showers, Slabs

Lumbery Newsletter Index Outdoor Showers Slab Sale Lawsuit 1-Outdoor Showers Although you are tired of being wet and you are thinking that the last thing you want right now is another outdoor shower, I can assure you that in short order you will be wishing you had placed your order sooner.  These outdoor showers are beautiful, fun and long lasting. Choose from 2 styles, the Beach Shower and our Enclosed Pool Shower. Visit our web page to [...]

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Help save the Lumbery

Save the Lumbery I am writing today to ask for your support with a serious issue the Lumbery is facing. The Representatives of the People of the Town of Cape Elizabeth are suing the Lumbery for perceived violations to the Code of Ordinances dating back to November 2020. More specifically to a generic Code that states that any alterations to an approved site plan is a violation. What is the actual complaint? The Town has a dispute regarding [...]

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4th grade field trip to Lumbery

In late May the Lumbery hosted all six of the 4th grade classes from Pond Cove elementary school in Cape Elizabeth over the span of four days to teach them about...what? There is so much that could be discussed. Sustainable forestry, product life cycles, embodied carbon, job creation, forest maintenance, clear cutting and so much more. But to be honest, this all sounds a bit boring. So I decided to talk about...Donuts and community. I told them [...]

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You really should garden.

If I'm being honest I do not garden. I like the idea of gardening. I like the metaphor of gardening. I even enjoy looking at pictures of gardens. And really, nothing tastes better than fresh vegetables. But I just don't garden. I encourage people to garden. And I encourage them to invite me over to admire their garden. I shake my fist at the groundhogs and deer as though they were nibbling bits of my soul when [...]

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Learn about beekeeping!

We, at Lumbery, were advised that if we wanted to grow our business then we needed to cross-pollinate. We took this quite literally. So this Saturday we are buzzing with excitement to be hosting Phil and Meghan Gaven, owners of the Honey Exchange in Portland, to learn more about bees and beekeeping!! Bees fly from one flower to another, or one tree to the next, picking up bits of one plant and carrying it to the other. The plant on the [...]

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Maine Tamarack Decking Has Arrived!

Hi <<First Name>>, There is so much going at Lumbery that I will resort almost entirely to bullet points. Last Week: Giant delivery of cedar from Yoder's sawmill Giant delivery of cedar from Dewey's sawmill Giant delivery of native plants from Rebel Hill Farm Barrel sauna install in Falmouth Wild Seed Project representative Andrea Berry dropped some major knowledge at our store. I came in 1st place for the 50+ age group at the Cape Elizabeth Family Fun [...]

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Wild Seed Project

Are you looking to create a garden that feeds pollinators and provides blooms, foliage, and berries throughout the entire growing season? Well then the Lumbery has you covered! Join Wild Seed Project at the Lumbery this Sunday, May 21st from 12:00pm-3:00pm where they will be answering all of your questions about native plants and building biodiverse and climate resilient yards. And...learn how to make a native seed ball (while supplies last.) A new delivery of native [...]

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Native Plants have Arrived!

We are so lucky to have found Rebel Hill Farm. We are so happy to be selling field grown native plants. And we are so thrilled about the good weather. Truly, these plants won't last long so stop in sooner than later.  We are open today 9-5 and tomorrow 10-5. Don't forget to order your cedar garden bed too along with your Coast of Maine potting soil, compost and raised bed mix. Have a great weekend everybody! Mike Friedland [...]

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Local Wood Roundtable

Last Friday a group of some very impressive figures met to talk about Local Wood. Who was there? This group consisted of roughly 40 individuals that represented a multitude of organizations including the Maine Forest Service, CEI lending, the Governor's office, a representative of Chellie Pingree, the Kennebec Land Trust, Local Wood Works, the Sewall Foundation, The Passamaqoddy Tribe of Indian Township, MOFGA, The Nature Conservancy of Maine, USDA Forest Service, the Maine Legislature, Northern Forest Center, Appalachian [...]

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Say no to treated wood.

Click on picture to watch video...and see below for the original inspiration behind the video Great News!!! Treated wood is now safe to use and is not known to "have toxicity issues or to leach into soils."!! Actually this change occurred in the early 2000's "when the method for manufacturing pressure treated wood changed and CCA (chromated copper arsenate) was no longer permitted. They now use ACQ (Alkaline Cooper Quat (Quarternary ammonia))." This information is provided [...]

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Wood in a coffee bag?!?!?!

Here is what usually happens. You purchase a piece of wood in a standard length. This could be 8' or 12'. But you only need 7.5'. So you just throw that half a foot in the trash bin. Now picture this on a mass scale. Landfills are clogged with millions of tiny cut ends that were neither sorted nor repurposed. Instead, the Lumbery saves all these little pieces of dried, sustainably harvested, Maine wood (a small [...]

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How are we doing?

Happy 2nd anniversary to the Lumbery!!! How are we doing? We get this question a lot...but it's asked in a way in which someone would ask "How are you doing?" to a friend that just got divorced.  You hope they're doing fine but you just don't know so you prepare yourself for some hard truths and some real emotion. But I want to reassure everyone that we are doing fine.  In fact, we are doing better [...]

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I was at the Barcade in Portland the other week when I ran into a good friend who was with a friend. I was introduced as "the guy who owns the Lumbery".  The friend of the friend said..."Isn't that the expensive lumber yard?" OK. Let's pause for a moment and unpack this. 1-What was I doing at the Barcade? 2-What game was I playing at the Barcade? 3-Why would someone presume that the Lumbery was pricey? Let's [...]

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Cafeteria counters

Newly installed bar style counters at the Cape High School cafeteria. Big big news! The Lumbery, working on behalf of the Cape Elizabeth school department, has cut, finished and installed beautiful, locally sourced pine boards in the High School cafeteria...and supported them using sturdy branches found on our lot in Cape the work and install was done by Cape High School graduates (Mac was the primary contributor) utilizing the woodworking shop of the High School. Together we have [...]

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Barrel Saunas

Good news for everyone. The Lumbery and Thermory Barrel Saunas are teaming up to provide the best sauna experience possible. Thermory saunas are known worldwide for their quality craftsmanship, beautiful design and commitment to sustainability. The Lumbery is known for providing friendly and knowledgeable customer service, a commitment to quality products and a dedication to serving the local community. All you need to do is...relax, recover, rejuvenate and heal. We will take care of the rest. To Learn more about these saunas including pricing, model choices [...]

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Jungle adventure

Last week, while leading an expedition into the jungles of Guatemala in search of the elusive tropical cedar tree (not exactly true, but this is what I will tell my accountant) I hollooed to my team. “Up here. A wonderful specimen. Come see.” I stopped and asked our expedition photographer (Our extremely friendly Tikal tour guide) to capture an image of myself with this natural wonder. The expedition leader (again the tour guide) said, “We have a saying [...]

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That’s right you smell.

To quote De La Soul, which I do more frequently than most, "Please listen to this simple De La style I'm gonna singIt's strongly directed to all the misery you're bringingNow I'm not all about dissing someone else personnelBut there's no quota on your odorThat's right, you smell" In fact we all smell which is why this August outdoor shower giveaway is so universal. Simply hook it up to your cold garden hose for some very trendy [...]

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How Has Covid Affected Our Business?

Inventory, Inventory, Inventory. This is the key to our business and probably most retail businesses. In fact, without inventory we would not have a business. In my initial business plan, which I drafted pre-March 2020, I presumed that we would need to start with 3 months worth of inventory. This is based upon the presumption that new orders placed would take 2 months to fulfill. This way, after one month in, I could reassess our updated [...]

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What Is Wrong With This Picture?

What is wrong with this picture? During my most recent visit to Hopkin's sawmill, located in northern Maine, the owner of the mill, a Mr. Steve Hopkins, told me to check out his new delivery of wood that he had ordered for an upcoming project. (Yes, he does own a wood mill but spruce is not milled at every mill including Steve's.) Now to assist with helping you determine what is wrong with this pic might I [...]

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Too Literal Message Of Jacob Marley

As an English major I am cursed with seeing symbolism in all things thus the literal symbolism of Marley's chains was too good to be denied. The chains that Jacob Marley's ghost wears represents the greed and selfishness that defined his life. The supply chains that circle our planet are not that different. They prioritize scale, distribution, wealth and accessibility over environmental waste and community. To quothe Marley, "“I wear the chain I forged in life,”  “I [...]

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Holiday Shopping Guide

The Lumbery has really high quality, unique gifts that do not require batteries or a cord. We also have classic tools and hardware that are perfect for anyone at anytime and are always well received. Best of all is our Lumbery Gift Card!  This gift allows the recipient to imagine the "what could be's". Maybe a new deck, or a garden bed, a sauna or an outdoor shower. Plus shopping local with us helps to reduce [...]

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Dr. Ross Greene, Google And The Lumbery

Dr. Ross Green, Google travel, and the Lumbery have independently of each other reached the same conclusion. Kids (consumers) do well if they can but sometimes things get in the way. So what is preventing consumers from doing well? Answer: Information and labeling. Information and labeling are an essential component of choices and of good decision making. Google, as shown in the advertisement above, and the Lumbery believe that if consumers are given the information to choose an option that will lower [...]

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