The forms below are required to be submitted prior to activation of your Tool Library Membership.  Please email or submit in person to the Lumbery.

Tool Lending Library Membership

One of the most frustrating things about home improvement is having to shell out money for a new tool that you only expect to use once. Unless you have another project on your to-do list, that expensive tool is just going to sit in your garage gathering dust once you’re finished with the job.

A tool-lending library is just like a regular public library, except instead of books, it has a large collection of tools. Once you join a tool library, you can simply check out any of these tools whenever necessary and available. You don’t have to buy or rent new tools for every home project, and you don’t have to find space in your house to store a lot of tools you hardly ever use.

Benefits of Tool-Lending Libraries

When we share tools we manufacture less, we waste less, and we get more use out of existing tools. We save money, we save space, we share knowledge, we build a community, and we protect the environment. Good for the planet, good for you!

The only real downside of belonging to a tool library is that there’s always a risk that someone else may be using the specific tool you need.

Borrowers can check out 2 items at a time for 48 hours, depending on the demand for the tool. You can also call the Lumbery ahead of time to reserve a tool, but only to be picked up that same day. If a tool is returned late, you must pay an overdue fine of up to $20 per day, depending on the tool.


Become a member of the Lumbery to start receiving incredible benefits!

An annual membership allows you:

  • Complete access to our tool lending library
  • 5% discount on all purchases
  • A super cool t-shirt!

*All members must sign a liability release form prior to use of tools.

Tool Inventory:

  • Metal bending brake
  • Table saw
  • Compound mitre chop saw
  • Circular saw
  • Jig saw
  • Drills; Hammer drill, cordless drill
  • 4’, 6’, 12’ step ladders
  • Extension ladders; 12’, 24’, 32’, 40’
  • Staging
  • Industrial drywall sander
  • Palm sander
  • Belt sander
  • Power washer
  • Industrial paint sprayer
  • Compressors
  • Pneumatic guns
    • Siding nailer
    • Roofing nailer
    • Trim nailer
    • Brad nailer
    • Framing nailer
  • Roofing shovels
  • Large clamps
  • Toilet auger
  • Toilet siphon
  • Post hole auger and screws
  • Cement board cutter
  • Roof rake
  • Pump sprayers
  • How to books

Woodworking Shop:

Accessible time for use of the woodworking shop will be listed on this page. The shop is available to 3 members at a time. Shop time is limited to 2 hour sessions. Call ahead to reserve your slot or just stop in and check availability.

A 15 minute tutorial is required prior to initial use of shop.

Our woodworking shop come equipped with:

  • Table saw
  • Compound mitre chop saw
  • Planer
  • Panel saw
  • All mobile tools listed above in tool lending library
  • Hand tools
  • Safety wear

Maine Wood is Good Wood!

“If you love New England forests, if you want to take long Sunday drives during foliage season, go hunting in the woods, swim in clear streams, view wildlife, and enjoy marvelous hikes in the summer – if you care about having clean air and drinking water – support them by buying local. Wood, that is.”

Nicole St Claire Knobloch, Project leader Build It With Wood Initiative, New England Forestry Foundation

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