Maine Homes Magazine

Maine Homes Magazine

“There’s a local movement for everything, but somehow the synapses don’t connect when it comes to wood.”
—Michael Friedland

We are so psyched to be featured in this months edition of Maine Homes by Downeast.

Our basic message seems to be resonating. If you live in Maine shouldn’t you have an opportunity to buy Maine wood and support small Maine mills.

Farmers can sell their goods at farmers markets, restaurants and even grocery stores but wood mills have limited opportunities beyond their local townships.

We are the first store in Maine that can tell you exactly where your wood came from, who benefits, and what the environmental impacts of your purchases are.

Plus we cut wood to size and will gladly help you out to your car. And by the way we also have a great selection of hardware and building materials.

Plus plus-we soon will have a great selection of hardwoods and live edge!!!

Please spread the word.

Hope to see you soon.


Michael Friedland and the entire Lumbery Crew

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