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Chances are when you buy some wood from us you cannot see all the tiny lines that begin to form. They might branch out to our local banker, insurance agent, landscaper, web designer, girl scouts or they might spread towards the forests and the loggers and the mill workers. They might even reach the small convenience store that provides sandwiches for the log haulers. All of this right here in Maine. On top of that more lines are formed when travel distances are shortened resulting in a reduction of carbon emissions thereby minimizing our impact on climate change.

We, at the Lumbery, are fully aware that at this point in time we cannot provide builders, contractors and even homeowners with all of their building needs (soon come) but we urge you, even if it’s just for a few items, to consider buying local wood and consider buying your wood from us.

Spread the word, spread the impact and enjoy the benefits of high quality, prideful, comparably priced local wood and local service.

Plus, did you know that we can deliver.


Michael Friedland and the entire Lumbery Crew AKA Ents.

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