Local Wood Roundtable

Local Wood

Last Friday a group of some very impressive figures met to talk about Local Wood.

Who was there? This group consisted of roughly 40 individuals that represented a multitude of organizations including the Maine Forest Service, CEI lending, the Governor’s office, a representative of Chellie Pingree, the Kennebec Land Trust, Local Wood Works, the Sewall Foundation, The Passamaqoddy Tribe of Indian Township, MOFGA, The Nature Conservancy of Maine, USDA Forest Service, the Maine Legislature, Northern Forest Center, Appalachian Mountain Club, Penobscot Nation Forestry, along with builders, entrepreneurs, Universities, marketing experts, land management organizations and many many more.

Why is local wood important? It is a renewable, regional, resource that locks in carbon and helps support the micro economy within this State and surrounding areas.

What are the barriers to purchasing local wood products? Information and accessibility.

What are the solutions? 1) Grow demand through education and incentive programs. 2) Create an easily recognizable labeling system to distinguish between local and non-local products. 3) Open more Lumberys.

Open more Lumberys? Yes, open more Lumberys. As it turns out the Lumbery is unique in its mission. Our little store in Cape is the only place that focuses on selling wood from small, family owned wood mills.

Summary: Not only do we need to increase awareness regarding the benefits of local wood but we also need to increase access to not only local wood but innovations utilizing local wood. In short, we want Mainers to have the option of buying Maine wood products and taking advantage of Maine ingenuity. I think we can do it. It won’t be easy but it certainly is achievable. Until then I guess everyone in Maine is gonna have to go to the Lumbery.

On second thought: If Lumbery is the only game in town then…

In other news…our native plants arrive today.

Enjoy the day everyone.

Mike Friedland and the entire Lumbery crew.



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