Dr. Ross Green, Google travel, and the Lumbery have independently of each other reached the same conclusion.

Kids (consumers) do well if they can but sometimes things get in the way.

So what is preventing consumers from doing well?

Answer: Information and labeling.

Information and labeling are an essential component of choices and of good decision making.

Google, as shown in the advertisement above, and the Lumbery believe that if consumers are given the information to choose an option that will lower their environmental impact and, in our case, be deliberate with their societal impact, then chances are they will.

The Lumbery also recognizes that quality and cost play a major factor in decision making which is why we ensure that our products are of the highest quality while maintaining market level price points.

Next time you buy wood ask the vendor where your wood came from? Then ask if there is an option that is verified as being local and sustainable.

If the vendor says “I can’t say”. You should then say…

“Then how do you expect me to do well?”

Thank you Dr. Ross Greene. Thank you.- To learn more about Dr. Ross Greene and the work he does with kids and parents then be sure to check out this video.

Michael Friedland and the entire Lumbery Crew AKA Ents.

Did you know that we do not send any untreated wood to the landfill?  We turn some scrap ends into wood blocks for kids. Tactile experiences that do not require batteries or a plug are the best.