Cypress nickel gap siding: Available in 4, 5, 6 and 8" widths. s4s trim boards available in 4" widths.

American Cypress

Sustainable. Beautiful. Long Lasting.

The local answer to increased carbon sequestration and reduced embodied carbon. (click to learn more)


Cypress tends to be a light yellow-brown color. The sapwood is nearly white. The grain is straight and is available in two grades; Select, which is almost clear, and #2 Common which contains variable tight knots.

Cypress lumber is commonly used to make decks, siding and many types of outdoor furniture and garden structures.

Due to its light color, straight lines and stability cypress is ideal for staining and painting. If left untreated, however, cypress lumber fades to a darkened grey color within a few years.

Our cypress is sustainably harvested in North Carolina and processed at a family owned mill 40 miles away. From there it is transported to Maine. Total travel distance: Land to mill to Lumbery is 830 miles.

Cypress, due to its incredible ability to store vast amounts of carbon is considered to be a carbon-neutral material.




Select: Almost clear througout.

#2 Common: Some knots and some defects.

Product Linear foot pricing Square foot pricing
1×4 #2 common nickel gap shiplap
1×4 Select nickel gap shiplap
1×5 #2 common nickel gap shiplap
1×6 Select nickel gap shiplap
1×8 Select nickel gap shiplap
1x4x6 s4s (square 4 sides)
1x4x8 s4s (square 4 sides)

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