“Empowering people that feel powerless.” —Erin “Burgee” Burgesson

Power tools and hand tools

They say you need the right tool for the job. They don’t say how to use that tool.
Learn how to properly use a drill, circular saw, level, etc. Feel confident that you can build and fix anything (maybe not the furnace…but you get the point).

Power tools and hand tools for women

Same as above but for chicks only

On the level

Learn about this most basic of tools and how little it has changed throughout history. Learn how important being level is and how it relates to our everyday lives.

Mudding 101

Learn from the master how to patch a hole in a wall or even drywall your entire house. Then wish you never learned this skill (Your family and friends will find you necessary).

Stairway to heaven

Building stair stringers helps fight dementia. Learn how to properly figure out the run and rise. Then learn the tricks of building the perfect staircase.

Interior house painting and good conversation

Rick Fernandez is a master painter. Learn his secrets and listen to his stories. Then invite him to dinner (this last part is optional).

Build your own cornhole

Ever wonder why you don’t have enough friends. Well wonder no more. Build your own cornhole set and let the good times begin.


What a special treat. A lesson from master gardener Momma Burgess from Chebeague Island. You should attend, even if you don’t have a garden.


In this class you will learn absolutely nothing. We will spend the entire hour thinking up clever building related innuendos. The best innuendo receives some caulk for their back door. Definitely BYOB.

Maine Wood is Good Wood!