Carbon Capture Technology

I read the news a lot. Too much actually. And I follow stocks a lot. Again too much.

Recently I have been intrigued by carbon capture technology. It sounds amazing. Too much carbon in the atmosphere? Well let’s just remove it.

But it’s a double edged sword. You see…the biggest investors in carbon capture are the biggest polluters. Yes, I am all for any scientific advances that help reduce carbon emissions but I don’t want it to be used as part of an argument to advocate for continued polluting. Basically allowing someone to make a mess if they have the means to clean it up. I do not adhere to this philosophy.

Check out this article in todays New York Times. Businesses Aim to Pull Greenhouse Gases From the Air. It’s a Gamble.

But there are risks, too. As more companies pledge to zero out their emissions by 2050, some experts warn that they could hide behind the uncertain promise of removing carbon later to avoid cutting emissions deeply today.

“Carbon removal shouldn’t be seen as a get-out-of-jail-free card,” said Jennifer Wilcox, a leading expert on the technology at the University of Pennsylvania. “It has a role to play, particularly for sectors that are very difficult to decarbonize, but it shouldn’t be an excuse for everyone to keep emitting greenhouse gases indefinitely.”

Here’s a great idea for carbon capture technology. TREES!!! Stop cutting down trees and start growing trees.

Did you know that To grow a pound of wood, a tree uses 1.47 pounds of carbon dioxide and gives off 1.07 pounds of oxygen. An acre of trees might grow 4,000 pounds of wood in a year, using 5,880 pounds of carbon dioxide and giving off 4,280 pounds of oxygen in the process.

So if you’re still looking to make money off the stock market by investing in carbon capture technology here is my savvy pick.
PotlachDeltic(PCH). From my quick research it seems that these guys are all about sustainability and responsible harvesting of timber.

As Martin Luther King said-
“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”

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