Faces and Facades

I had a very difficult week last week. My son was in and out of the emergency room 4 times. His is doing better now but the road ahead is not going to be easy. I share this because it's important to know that we are all part of this community, especially here in Maine. From the doctors to the therapists to his employer to my co-workers to my family to my friend Andy who road [...]

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Thinking Differently

Saving the planet is going to take creativity. Although I love the standard methods of planet saving that many of us exercise in our daily lives such as recycling, planting a tree or biking to work; I am very much drawn to the ideas that seem far fetched or even ridiculous. I recently listened to the "How I built this" podcast hosted by Guy Raz in which he interviewed Patrick Brown, chief executive and founder of [...]

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Onwoods and Upwoods!

For  over 15 years I have owned and managed Willard Square Home Repair. It started out as just me. Then it was just me and Mario. Then it was just me, Mario and Ian. Then is was me, Mario, Ian, Rodeo, Chun, Mark, Sean, Bob, Ryan, Jenn, Dustin, Erin, Rick and on and on. We became the #1 handyman service in the greater Portland area generating revenues of over $850,000 and having a great time. But along the way there were unintended consequences that [...]

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