Maine's Local Wood Brokers

Lumber Yard and Hardware Store

Locally-sourced lumber and native plants for all your woodworking, landscaping, and construction needs

Local Wood, Good.

75% of our lumber is purchased from small, family-owned Maine sawmills.

These family-owned and managed mills consistently
provide high-quality, competitively priced lumber that is harvested within 40 miles of their mill.

Local wood means reduced transportation emissions and keeping dollars right here in Maine.

Since 2021 Lumbery has kept more than 36,000 kgs of carbon out of the atmosphere.  That’s equivalent to the amount of carbon 600 seedlings would sequester over ten years of growth!

Why local wood is important to us.

Convenient, Friendly, One -Stop Shop.

Located in Cape Elizabeth, we supply everything you need for your home project. Our knowledgeable, approachable staff is always ready to help.

News and Reviews

“This place feels like a gastro-pub for wood”

“I can’t believe this. Your 2×4’s are straight.”

“How didn’t I know this place existed? Are you a chain?

“I would have been happy for anyone to move into this abandoned building but when I found out it was you guys I was over the moon.”

“You just saved me a trip to Home Depot. Thank you thank you thank you.”

“I love your mission.”

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